St Hywyn's Church, Aberdaron

Friends of St Hywyn and St Maelrhys
Cyfeillion Hywyn Sant a Maelrhys Sant

Traveller, Visitor, Pilgrim: Welcome to you from those who live here.

If your visit has touched you memorably, will you become a Friend?
This may be your first visit and the place has touched your heart, and you want to keep in touch.
You may have contributed to the recent restoration, and know that ancient buildings need a lot of attention, not least protection from the weather and the making good of wear and tear.
You may live in the parish or stay here frequently, and would like a close link with St Hywyn’s.
You may be on a spiritual search and find room here to breathe and ponder.
You may have followed the pilgrim way down the peninsula and have found here inspiration and refreshment.
You may have been captivated by the beauty here, or the calm, or the sense of Presence, and want to help protect it and add to it.
You may be drawn here by the poetry of R.S.Thomas and wish to help us provide visitors with an introduction to his work.

We invite you to become a Friend of St Hywyn -

to remember the people and ministry here in your thoughts and prayers;
to make a financial contribution of £25 a year, less if need be, more if you can;
and, if you are willing and able -
to offer professional advice and skill as and when needed;
to visit from time to time, to pray, to meditate, to ponder, and maybe to help in our ministry of hospitality to other visitors;
to write a paragraph or two about what St Hywyn’s and the Llyn Peninsula mean to you and how they have helped you on your spiritual path;
to write about R.S.Thomas’s influence on your searching and seeking.
You will receive, by email or by post, a mailing in spring and autumn, a mixture of news and reflections called ‘Sauntering and Pondering’.
Membership forms are available from the Treasurer